Xavier Hubert

Ethical conduct has always been one of the Group’s core values. Today, more than ever, Compliance with Ethics Rules and Group Compliance in general, underpins all our activities.

Our world is changing! In line with the demands of citizens and society as a whole, the priorities are now to fight against corruption, defend human rights, protect individual privacy, respect the environment, and reduce global warming. More and more governments worldwide are striving to achieve these principles and it becoming the norm for national laws to apply beyond country borders.

ENGIE recognizes that its business lines, actions, projects and growth strategies are at the heart of the challenges facing the modern world. Therefore our practices must adapt to the changes in a practical way, and our values must correspond to the new demands.

In July 2018, ENGIE became one of the first groups in the world to obtain ISO 37001 certification, an anti-bribery standard governing companies that actively combat corruption and promote an ethical company culture. Our Code of Ethics, our practical guide to ethics and our policies apply our values of zero tolerance to corruption, integrity, loyalty, respect for others, diversity, and of respect for human rights, national and international rules.

The Group has adopted a set of standards and procedures that apply to all Group employees and entities as well as to the Group’s relations with all external stakeholders, in all its daily activities: business consultants, gifts and hospitality, due diligence, conflicts of interests, embargoes/export controls, personal data protection (GDPR), interest representation, duty of care, human rights, whistleblowing, etc.

In addition, new training and awareness-raising programmes are available to all Group employees to help them better understand what we do. These can be adapted to each employee’s functions and level of risk exposure.

To ensure our principles are applied effectively on a daily basis, we are strengthening the synergies between ethics and data privacy reporting, audit, internal control and risks at each Group level.

In our changing Group, the Ethics department has become a “Compliance department” with a broader field of expertise that now specifically includes data privacy, duty of care, alerts management and business secrecy.

Today, we have more than 300 Ethics & Compliance Officers engaged on a daily basis in more than 70 countries in ensuring adherence to our values in all our activities.

For us, ethics and compliance are everyone’s business, every day, at all times and everywhere.

Our world is changing: we are changing; we are changing with it.