The Good Day
How do we make The good day good?

Each aspect of The good day is the result of a questioning to challenge the habits of events production, systematically apprehended as an opportunity to create differently by being more respectful towards the environment, more sober in carbon emissions, more open to diversity.

Therefore, whenever possible, the organization has privileged the most eco-responsible partners and inclusive facilities to allow The good day to be an event that concrete illustrates ENGIE’s commitment to advance harmonious progress.

Amongst the solutions which are being implemented

Our energy

On The good day, discover our alternative energies in action!

  • Two vegetable oil generators
  • A green hydrogen generator (Genset H2)
  • Two OPV (organic photovoltaic solar) tarps
  • Solar ovens for 100% natural cooking
  • No petrol or diesel consumed on site

Our food

Only the best for your taste buds!

  • Local, fresh, mostly organic and seasonal products
  • Bread made locally
  • Homemade ice creams and sorbets
  • Fair trade coffee
  • All in sensible portions
  • And if there is anything left over... dry waste heads to Biocycle for reuse and the rest is composted!
  • 50% vegetarian food products and French pickled gherkins!

The right equipment to serve you...

  • Reusable or eco-designed plates and cutlery
  • Compostable cups
  • Organic cotton tablecloths, woven in France
  • Water fountains mapped out and available for your use

And empowerment tastes good!

  • 30% of the staff comes from an ESAT establishment (Employment Support Centres and Services)
  • Part of the food is prepared by refugee and immigrant women working with Meet my Mama

The Materials

Here, we rented everything we could!

  • Wooden terraces
  • PVC Windows for the tents
  • The furniture
  • The plants
  • The wood for our main bar
  • Only a few seats were purchased, which will be reused on ENGIE's premises
  • 40 plants are on loan from the Domaine de Saint Cloud
  • Fleurs d'ici is decorating the spaces with local, seasonal flowers

And we recycle as much as possible

  • 50% of carpets to be collected by a charity
  • 50% of carpets reused by the service provider
  • Some of the tarpaulins are donated to a charity
  • Green waste bins are available
  • A second life is given to furniture renovated by the craftsmen of La Collecterie

Waste Management

I sort, you sort, he sorts, let's sort together!

  • Installation of mixed recycling “bi-flux” bins
  • Providers trained in sorting and raising awareness

A reasoned communication

We are acting reasonably, and we are talking about it!

  • Digital registration platform
  • Paper badges
  • Reusable badge pockets and cords
  • Online program
  • Raising everyone’s awareness of the sustainability of the event

As the production of The good day advances, we will regularly be enriching this page to keep you informed of our actions underway.