Egalité professionnelle et mixité
Professional and gender equality

Gender diversity policy: four practical targets between now and 2020

This policy has made it possible to develop a real gender equality culture, shared by all employees, men and women of the Group. ENGIE is, to date, the only company in the CAC40 managed by a woman, Isabelle Kocher, and the Group’s Executive Committee has three female members. The Group is the best FortuneGlobal 200 performer in terms of the feminization of its Board of Directors (62.5%), and women represent 30% of the management teams of the Group’s new operational entities.

In June 2012, the Group signed the European agreement on professional equality between men and women, which is committed to promoting equal opportunity and treatment throughout all Group entities, changing management and trade union culture and encouraging diversity. In order to ensure the progress of the strategic and operational indicators, a Steering Committee was set up to ensure the achievement of the objectives set then adapted to each of the Group’s entities. Furthermore, in the same year, ENGIE signed a European agreement concerning professional and gender equality with its trade unions and employers' organizations.

Gender equality objectives in the Group’s non-financial indicators

For the 2015-2020 period, a special effort is being made concerning the feminization of the Group’s workforce:

  • Women represent 25% of the Group’s workforce
  • One out of every three senior managers appointed will be female – Objective reached in 2014
  • 30% of new recruits will be women
  • 35% of high-potential managers (Leaders For Tomorrow) will be women

Initiatives in favor of gender equality

Prior to this agreement, efforts were already underway to promote gender equality and increase career development opportunities for female employees.

  • The WIN (Women In Networking) network: First introduced in 2008, this initiative involves 1,800 women employees committed and motivated to promoting gender diversity within ENGIE. Structured into regional and worldwide groups, WIN regularly discusses professional challenges and the Group development strategy. The network was recently launched in China, Singapore and the Netherlands.
  • The Mentoring for ENGIE program for women: Launched in January 2010, this program has been introduced to promote career development for women. It is structured around pairs of mentors and mentorees, bringing members of the executive management team into direct contact with women working in the Group. Why? To contribute to making senior posts available to a greater number of women. In 2011, this initiative received the Top Award in the French government's Action Entreprise et Diversités initiative.
  • The Women in Leadership development program: This program is designed specifically for women executives with management responsibilities and those wishing to expand the scope of their responsibilities to include team and/or project management.
  • Employees with children: For employees working in France, day cares are available at some locations.

A committed policy of gender diversity partnerships

  • Professional and gender equalityThe Global Summit of Women (GSW): Every year, ENGIE attends the Global Summit of Women (GSW), also known as 'Davos for Women', which has always attracted an extremely high level of delegates, and gives women from around the Group an opportunity to contribute to event debates.
  • Capital filles: ENGIE partners the Capital Filles initiative in which women sponsors from the Group provide support and advice to girls at local high schools, introducing them to careers in science, technology and industry, and guiding them in their choice of career options.
  • Cercle InterElles: an “intercompany think tank” dedicated to actions in favor of promoting the employment of women in technical and scientific fields, providing them with access to positions with responsibilities, and ensuring them a better work-life balance.
  • Women Business Mentoring Initiative (WBMI), dedicated to mentoring female entrepreneurs and startups managed by women.

Acknowledged commitment towards gender equality

  • March 2014: Vigéo ranked the Group as one of the three leading French companies and number one in its sector concerning its undertakings regarding gender equality. In October, the Group obtained the Label Diversité [Diversity Seal of Approval] (issued by AFNOR) in recognition of its efforts in favor of diversity in France.
  • March 2015: The American agency CWDI ranked ENGIE third in the Fortune Global 200 with regard to the feminization of its Board of Directors. ENGIE has been the highest ranked company in this list since April 28, 2015. Its Board of Directors has a feminization rate of 63% following the General Meeting of April 28, 2015. ENGIE is also the best CAC40 performer in this area.
  • November 2016: ENGIE was ranked 1st CAC40 company, and 3rd in the overall rankings of the Palmarès de la féminisation des instances dirigeantes - SBF 120 [List of the 120 leading companies for the feminization of corporate management] organized by the French Ministry for Families, Children and Women's Rights.
  • January 30, 2017: ENGIE was awarded the Grand Prix and the “Energy and Utilities” Prize Zimmermann Index, a corporate gender equality index.

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