As Europe’s leading storage operator, our subsidiary Storengy makes an active contribution to security of gas and electricity supply in Europe (France, Germany, United Kingdom).

By injecting gas into storage facilities during the summer and withdrawing it in winter, suppliers can meet their customers’ consumption requirements which, for most, vary significantly according to weather conditions. Storage facilities cover almost 40% of the quantity of gas used in France during the winter months and are vital in the case of a cold spell as French interconnections and LNG terminals are not designed to import enough gas during such periods.

The role of storage

Located close to consumption zones, storage facilities ensure uninterrupted energy supply, irrespective of daily and seasonal variations in demand. Storage can also address potential gas shortages or additional energy requirements caused by extreme weather events or geopolitical crises. Storage facilities also help optimise transport and production infrastructure and provide flexibility to the market.

This flexibility is necessary for the electricity system to function properly. Storage facilities provide vital flexibility in supply to combined cycle gas-fired power plants. Today these assets produce electricity to meet the electricity system’s requirements during periods of high consumption and particularly when intermittent capacities are unavailable.

Storengy plays a key role in security of supply and the energy transition

Storengy deploys all its industrial facilities to meet gas consumption requirements in all regions, and works closely with other operators to follow how circumstances change according to meteorological or technical fluctuations. As the only way to store energy in large quantities and on a seasonal timescale, underground gas storage also provides a real opportunity to support the energy transition, particularly large-scale development of intermittent renewable energy (mainly solar and wind power) in a balanced energy mix.

The French model

In France, underground gas storage facilities play a major role in the country’s security of energy supply. They ensure uninterrupted provision of energy to all consumers and meet the heating requirements of households in winter, even during exceptionally cold periods. On cold winter days over 50% of gas supplied to consumers comes from French storage facilities.

Thanks to the reform of gas storage access enacted on 1 January 2018, storage facilities operated by Storengy for winter 2018/19 were at a record level on 1 December 2018.

See how natural gas is stored in salt caverns and aquifers and discover Storengy expertise during the 2017-2018 winter withdrawal period (in French only):