• Renowned as one of the world’s foremost energy operators and a world leader in the energy transition, ENGIE has the ambition of being a major player in hydrogen.

At ENGIE, we firmly believe that hydrogen is the key that will unlock the full potential of renewables and carbon-free energy solutions. It will accelerate the energy transition by allowing numerous green energy technologies to be used with much greater flexibility.

We are committed to developing solutions based on renewable hydrogen, produced by electrolysis using a green energy supply. Hydrogen is the missing link for a decarbonized ecosystem, allowing for the harmonious progress of cities, territories and societies around the globe.

ENGIE aims at operating across the entire value chain of renewable hydrogen, from carbon-free power generation to the three key end uses: mobility, industry and energy storage.

ENGIE will architect and deliver simple, reliable and sustainable green solutions to address its clients requirements for more environmentally responsible energy uses.


Renewable hydrogen is an opportunity to decarbonise industrial processes on a large scale

The Paris agreement (COP 21) has set ambitious but necessary target to reduce CO2 emissions by 26% to 60% (depending on country) in 2030 compare to 1990 and keep the average global warming temperature below 2°C. Engie has just reached a new milestone in order to help meeting this target. We head to Australia to find out more.


ENGIE and YARA take green hydrogen into the factory

ENGIE and YARA, one of the world’s leading crop nutrition companies, agreed on Feb. 5 to carry out a feasibility study with the goal of designing a green hydrogen plant that would be integrated with YARA’s existing ammonia plant in Pilbara, Western Australia.

Power to gas

« Power to gas »

Energy from renewable sources offers many benefits. Nevertheless, its intermittent availability complicates the process of balancing supply with demand. Power-to-Gas offers a real solution for power supply system backup going forward.

Helene Pierre

Portrait of an Imaginative Builder in hydrogen

Both within and immediately surrounding ENGIE, a community is forming, driven by the desire to design and deploy new solutions combining performance and sustainability, to contribute to more harmonious progress. This community is made up of people who want to lead a powerful collective action that will give everyone the power to act. We call them Imaginative Builders.


Using hydrogen to reach self-sufficiency

Off the coast of Singapore, an island is becoming a full-scale laboratory for the deployment of an autonomous energy network, a multi-energy microgrid – and hydrogen is a key element.


All you need to know about hydrogen

As a world energy supplier committed to the energy transition, ENGIE is investing in the development of hydrogen. We want to give you a clearer idea of this energy of the future.


Isabelle Kocher: “Hydrogen – The Missing Link”

“We need to find the right economic models for using renewable hydrogen in transport, micro-networks, gas networks etc., in order to be able to scale up”. Isabelle Kocher, ENGIE CEO, in an article published on LinkedIn on June 11th, 2018.


Partners in the GRHYD project inaugurate France’s first Power-to-Gas demonstrator

The GRHYD project, launched in 2014, tests the injection of hydrogen into the region’s natural gas distribution grid to meet residents’ needs in terms of heating, domestic hot water and cooking. This innovative initiative is earmarked for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020, as wished by the French government.


“Renewable hydrogen, the new horizon of innovation” by Franck Bruel

Find our series of articles and interviews in a special report on hydrogen to discover its potential and the challenges of its development. This article is written by Franck Bruel, Executive Vice President of ENGIE, member of the Executive Committee and head of the France B2B BU.

L’hydrogène renouvelable

Renewable hydrogen: production and applications for building a more sustainable energy system

Regularly discussed in the press, green hydrogen is increasingly presented as an energy asset of importance in a sustainable energy mix. So to kick off Hydrogen Month at ENGIE, we invite you to find out more about how it is produced and what its applications are.

ENGIE mise sur l’hydrogène

ENGIE backs hydrogen

ENGIE sees renewable hydrogen as key to accelerating the energy transition, and an essential component of tomorrow’s energy mix. It’s a belief that is now being translated into a massive rollout of projects marking the Group’s commitment to establishing and building this new energy industry sector.

hydrogen chain

Energy is at the heart of human progress. As a leading energy Compagny, ENGIE is forging a path towards new horizons. Today, ENGIE unites the best expertise with imagination to lead a powerful collective action. We imagine solutions for a more harmonious world together empowering individuals and communities.

Being a pioneer in the energy sector opens extraordinary opportunities: it calls on us to meet — with, and now beyond energy — the major challenges facing individuals, companies and regions, and to stand with them in creating and implementing solutions that come together to build harmonious progress.