Anne Chassagnette

How does ENGIE decide on and manage its Group level commitments when it comes to CSR?

First of all, we consult with all the BUs upstream of a commitment decision. Then, each Group commitment is tailored to their level to ensure that its application on the ground is relevant. The targets are monitored regularly with action plans. The Group’s stakeholders are consulted regularly so that they can also direct the Group’s choice of commitments.

What are the major commitments in 2019?

In 2019, the Group is maintaining its commitments to controlling the impacts of climate change. In its new strategy, ENGIE has chosen to provide its customers with even more benefits from this by developing turnkey zero- carbon offerings. It is also emphasizing its actions for biodiversity, as demonstrated by its recent commitment with UNESCO to certified natural or mixed sites. The Rassembleurs d’Énergies impact investment fund has just received B Corp™ certification in 2019, a significant recognition of our commitment.

How is a Group commitment concretely translated in the entities?

First of all, we consult all BUs upstream of an engagement decision. Then each Group commitment is declined at their level to ensure the relevance of its application in the field. Goals are monitored regularly with action plans.