The steering of CSR is ensured at the highest level of the Company by the Committee for Ethics, Environment and Sustainable Development of the Board of Directors which validates the scope of the committed policies, perspectives and the action plans of the Company. It meets several times a year and the main issues discussed are indicated in the Group's Integrated Report. (insert link to the integrated report).

The Group Executive Committee validates the proposed orientations in this area.


The CSR Department:

  • monitors the Group's CSR performance,
  • leads a network of CSR managers within the Business Units,
  • regularly reviews the Group's material challenges,
  • oversees the preparation of annual action plans and monitors their implementation through annual CSR performance reviews with each Business Unit,
  • pilots responses to non-financial rating agencies and follow-up of CSR 2020 objectives with the support of the other Departments concerned,
  • - and is finally in charge of preparing CSR strategy and objectives beyond 2020.

The CSR Department, together with the Finance Department, chairs a cross-border Green Bond Committee to validate projects that could be financed by green bonds issued by the Group.

A Vigilance Committee has also been set up to ensure that vigilance plans are put in place and monitored in accordance with the duty of vigilance law. Each Business Unit ensures compliance with the Group's CSR commitments at local level. As such, the CSR managers of the Business Units are in charge of the annual analysis of CSR risks and opportunities, the implementation of a CSR action plan that may include local CSR objectives, as well as to ensure the good application of CSR criteria for investment projects.

Each employee can become a CSR ambassador for the Group, participate in CSR debates and contribute to the Group's CSR initiatives. The CSR Department organizes collaborative workshops with external stakeholders on CSR issues with high stakes.